see The bright-eyed image of young Tyrone Unsworth coupled with the circumstances surrounding his death evoke profound, indescribable sadness. We have no way of knowing if the presence of a Safe Schools program at Tyrone’s high school could have prevented his death.

watch All ‘controversy’ associated with the Safe Schools program has been entirely fabricated by the viciously homophobic Australian Christian Lobby—relentlessly assisted by News Limited. In mid-2015 the ACL’s intense hate-campaigning forced all Queensland schools participating in Safe Schools to remain unidentified at the coalition’s website—at the time, the only state to do so. To this day, Queensland schools running the program are subjected to a constant stream of abusive correspondence, emails and phone calls.

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source It is timely then that we re-post our correspondence of March 2016 to Queensland education minister Kate Jones. At the time, the request within our letter to meet with the minister received a one-line ‘too busy’ rejection.

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go here Our correspondence described, and provided evidence of the ACL seeking the assistance of Education Queensland endorsed Christian religious instructors to undermine Safe Schools. Also provided were examples of a critical 2013 policy statement regarding LGBTI students which had subsequently, and hastily, been removed from the Education Queensland website.

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Buy Amoxicillin Online Europe It is disgraceful that Education Queensland, having been provided in March 2016 with these damning materials, can choose to ignore the ongoing malicious actions and bullying tactics of the Australian Christian Lobby while allowing homophobic Pentecostal and assorted other fringe protestant ACL-associated churches and cults free access to provide numerous quasi-evangelical ‘resilience’ and ‘relationships’ programs including Hillsong Shine, and Letitia Shelton’s (sister of Lyle) bizarre Bella Girl.


Provigil Coupons Online We call upon Education Queensland to cease pandering to the Australian Christian Lobby and the minister’s own covert band of religious-right ‘advisors’. We further request that the minister immediately reinstates: Policy statement: Supporting Same Sex Attracted, Intersex or Transgender Students at School as contained within our correspondence of March 2016.

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click here Safe Schools must be allowed to operate proudly, freely, and without fear.


go here Ron Williams Can I Buy Amoxicillin Over The Counter In South Africa Managing Director Order Generic Provigil Online Secular Public Education Limited

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