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Secular Public Education Ltd is an independent not-for-profit charity registered with the Australian Charities and Not-for-profits Commission (ACNC). Since we do not receive any funding from state or federal government agencies, we rely entirely on donations from our supporters and sponsors.

Any donations will be deeply appreciated, and will assist us in fulfilling our charitable purposes as described within s 6 of the Secular Public Education Limited constitution:


6. Objects and activities


6.1 The primary objects of Secular Public Education Limited include, though are not limited to:
(a) Promoting or protecting human rights
(b) Promote or oppose a change to law, government policy or practice
(c) Advancing education

6.2 The above objects are achieved by methods including, though not limited to:
(a) Offering inclusive advocacy services and providing support to individuals
(b) Providing information and advice to individuals, schools and the broader community
(c) Providing education to individuals, community organisations, and community members

6.3 To promote a secular and ethical system of education in government/public schools.

6.4 To develop, establish, promote, and present a P-12 school curriculum course: “Faith, Philosophy, and Fable – a history of human contemplation”. To develop, produce, publish, and distribute electronic and printed course materials and resources relating to “Faith, Philosophy, and Fable – a history of human contemplation”.

6.5 To promote Federal and State laws across Australia that incorporate and respect international law and international human rights law, through:
(a) the drafting of submissions, media releases, and law reform proposals
(b) academic research
(c) networking and events
(d) collaboration with NGOs, charities, businesses, and academic institutions

6.6 To provide cultural and intellectual support for those involved in promoting human rights and secular public education.

6.7 To print or publish original material, including electronically recorded material, relevant to the objectives of Secular Public Education Limited; or re-issue any periodical or standard or notable books on matters relevant to the objectives of Secular Public Education Limited and to support the printing, publication or re-issuing of the same by any other person.

6.8 To establish community projects in support of secular public education, and to promote the objects of Secular Public Education Limited by means of publications or literature, public lectures, or other such means and activities which may be determined in the future.

6.9 To take such actions as may be desirable or incidental to the attainment of the above objects including affiliation or cooperation with, or subscription to, any organisation having similar objects.


Any assistance will be greatly appreciated
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