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While advising and advocating for parents, caregivers, concerned citizens and relevant organisations Australia wide, we are actively pursuing change to government laws and policies regarding religious instruction and federally funded religious chaplains in Australian public schools. It is also our belief that many of the same government laws and policies are in breach of, and may be challenged under, Article 18 of the International Covenant on Civil and Political Rights.

We are proud to announce that the development of our flagship project, Faith, Philosophy, and Fable – a history of human contemplation, has commenced. Supported by exciting and engaging graded multimedia resources and materials, FP&F will explore human contemplation from the earliest possible manifestations some 300,000 years ago. From Middle Paleolithic burial rites and rituals through the anthropomorphic ‘Lion Man’ figurine of c. 38,000 BCE, to the Sumerian deities of the 3rd millennium BCE, Mesopotamian mythology, the development of eastern and western philosophies and belief systems and The Enlightenment, Faith, Philosophy, and Fable – a history of human contemplation will comprehensively observe the astonishing history of human thought—the how, when, where, and why.

Please feel free to contact us regarding any concerns relating to religious instruction, chaplaincy, or any other challenges to the secular quality of your public school. You will receive a prompt response, and be discreetly assisted to the best of our ability. Should your need for advice and support be urgent, please phone 0478 030 705. For regular information and news updates, please follow us on Facebook and Twitter.

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Here is the Hillsong church Shine program video described within Chrys Stevenson’s May 2014 Big Smoke article:
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1:37 "It gives the church an opportunity to get a foot in the door"

we need to get the word out about hillsong school programs & related cult-propaganda. Look out for SHINE and STRENGTH programs in your schools and OBJECT!

Gives girls the guidance they don't get in a non Christian family. Edit...this is stated in the video. Not my opinion. I find it nauseating

One thing should be clear to you - this vision of life has nothing to do with morality.

You don't need to be a Christian to help young people

Hillsong *cringe*

Ah yes, Christianity... a curious form of insanity.

Suckers. Pedos lovers.

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“I just believe that, you know, we are a Christian country and I think it's nice to have that grounding, morals and values with Christianity and I have no problem with it.”

Pauline Hanson slams calls to scrap religious education in schools
Plans to axe religion education classes from the curriculum in NSW high schools has come after fire from One Nation leader Pauline Hanson when she appeared on the Today Show.
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The churches know, via their own research that the only way they can access the majority (95% of children), who do not attend church on a regular basis, is via schools. They don’t want to let go of this privilege, because they need to evangelise to young children in order to have a better opportunity to successfully convert them. Primary schools are the main target, prior to young children developing critical thinking skills.

"permit no woman to teach or to have authority over men; she is to keep silent." Timothy 2:12...... just saying she should practice what her religion preaches

Churches still exist only because of two main factors: Early indoctrination by parents who were themselves brainwashed at an early age by their parents and reinforcement of that indoctrination at faith based schools. Ideas instilled in children at this early stage in their development are very hard to shake off in later life as they are deeply embedded in the individual's reality. I think it was Karl Marx who said "give me the boy until he is seven years old and I will give you the man". Children need to learn about the various religions to understand how the world around them works but this learning should be a general understanding of the various faiths, not an indoctrination into any one of them. If they later decide as adults to follow a particular religion that decision will be theirs and I, for one will respect it but let's keep religious promotion out of schools.

we need to get the word out about hillsong school programs & related cult-propaganda. Look out for SHINE and STRENGTH programs in your schools and OBJECT!

We are not a fucking Christian country. Do not dare to speak for me.

It doesn’t matter what you believe, Pauline. We are not a theocracy.

Only a handful of state schools in Tasmania run church volunteer, religious instruction sessions. Tasmanian policy was modified back in 2005, when school parents lobbied for necessary change . Tasmanian churches can not demand access to state schools for religious instruction. State school Associations can simply say no thank you. Why are churches still allowed to override the wishes of the state school communities in states like NSW, where they can’t say no thank you to evangelism.

Except, Pauline, Australia has always been a secular democracy, but go off , I guess!

Pauline is not exactly a great advertisement for values or morality.

“It tells you and teaches you to have a healthy respect for other people and their faith and to actually have some understanding of it,” says Senator Hanson who continually puts down, mocks & wants to rid the country of people of other faiths & cultures. Why do we give her air time? I don’t need to hear her damaging opinion on ANYTHING!

hey hanson I have a certain type of hatred of christianity, it is based on ancient myths and today it is used to hate, to demean others to have power and money, there is no proof the characters in these myths even existed stick your christianity where the sun doesn't shine

We aren’t a christian country Pauline. Get it right please!

People already have the right to learn religion at religious schools, leave it out of public schools

That woman has the brainpower of a timber plank!

If Pauline thinks it’s a good idea, it’s almost certainly a bad idea.

she really should refrain from talking.

Headline: "Pauline Handson supports conservative status quo" Are we shocked by this?

It's always the people who don't live by alleged "Christian principles" that want them enforced.

Why does this troll keep getting air time!? She represents almost no-one.

Oh fuck off Pauline.

a Christian country that as of 2016 was only at 51%. I reckon giving the downward trend, by the time the 2021 census results come in, Christianity will be on par with non believers sitting around 40% Already survey's are showing in every state that fewer than 10% of public school students take part in religion education. So why have it at all?

The only spiritually I can accept as Australian is Dreamtime.

So Pauline is wrong about something else. Shocked. Lol

Hanson has become an absolute mercenary in the hot button issues she takes on purely in the name of gaining media and (somehow) cultivating votes.

Pauline Hanson... empty head. Has she ever had an I.Q. test?

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